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Better Service

Better Service and Maintenance for your bike.

Liberty! Bicycles helps you care for your bike. We offer Tune-Up Plans and Service options for all new bike purchases*. The plans provide exceptional value for our customers. Our 4\24 Plans offer up to four tune-ups over the first 24 months of ownership at low prices and big savings. Plus, we continue to provide discounted service rates even after your plan expires. It’s the Liberty! Bicycles advantage. [*4\24 Plans available only at time of bicycle purchase.]

Fast repairs and maintenance.

Small repairs like flat tires are usually completed “while you wait.” For bigger jobs, you can either choose to drop-off your bike for service and leave it in queue, or you can make an appointment and have it returned within 24-48 hours… sometimes faster! Can’t make it into the shop? Request a pick-up or a delivery and save the trouble of transporting your bike. We are happy to arrange a time that is convenient for you, and we travel anywhere in Niagara. Just contact us.

Call 905-682-1454 to arrange a pick-up or service appointment.

Bikes bought at Liberty! Bicycles qualify for one of our service plan options.

$149 4\24 Plus+E

2 Year Priority Service

Plus+ Service Plan for Electric-Assist Bikes

Includes up to 4 Tune-Ups within the first 24 months of ownership including diagnostics, and battery & motor firmware updates.

$119 4\24 Plus+

2 Year Priority Service

Plus+ Service Plan for Standard Bikes

Includes up to 4 Tune-Ups within the first 24 months of ownership. Take care of your bike!

Free 2-Mth Service

Free for New Bikes*

Post-Purchase Service

Free with all new bike purchases.
*Required within first 2 months of ownership.
Helping you get the most out of your new bike.

We Deliver!

St.Cath - Niagara - GTA

*We pick-up, too. Call us at 905-682-1454

$30 in St.Catharines/Thorold
$50 in Lincoln/N.Pelham/NOTL/NF
$80 in S.Pelham/Welland/Pt.Colborne
$200 in Toronto/Miss/Oak/Burl/Ham

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“We’ve got the savoir-faire!” Our Technicians know how.

Bike Technicians today are like trades-people. They require an incredibly vast and detailed knowledge of hydraulic brakes, electronic shifting, lightweight carbon and alloy parts, component compatibility, and torque specifications. Plus, they need to be able to change a cable, make gears work, and keep a tire on a rim. There is a lot to know. The Bike Technicians at Liberty! Bicycles are better; We are trained and knowledgeable. For your safety, security and enjoyment, bring your bike to Liberty! Bicycles for a quality job.

We take care of our customers and their bikes.

When you buy your bikes from Liberty! Bicycles you get preferred service. This means access to our excellent Service Plans, and discounted Tune-Up pricing. [See our Labour Rate Guide.] And, even if you didn’t buy your bike from our shop, you can still take advantage of our outstanding Service Team, and reasonable prices. We want to help you.

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