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Indoor Rides

Riding, not Spinning. Our Indoor Rides are not Spin Classes. The rides are meant for cyclists, and lead by cyclists. Rides take place between November and March in our amazing ride facility. Great video, audio, and real results. Train on your own bike during the off-season.

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Outdoor Rides

Outdoor Group Rides begin in May. If you are into road or off-road; If you are a novice or have experience; We offer casual group-rides for you.

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Indoor Group Rides 2019/2020

Nov 2019 – April 2020
Season starts on Saturday 2 November 2019!

Our Indoor Rides are not Spin Classes. The Rides are meant for cyclists, and lead by cyclists.

Liberty! Bicycles Indoor Rides are made for those cyclists who want to train on their own bikes during the off-season. Whether you are competitive or just want to stay in shape, we provide an entertaining and motivating environment for everyone. Bring your own bike, and leave it with us! Use our trainers, work hard and have fun!

Holiday Ride Schedule:
24-26 Dec: No Rides.
Sat 28 Dec: Open Ride ON at 9am. (No Edge.)
Mon 30 Dec: Edge Ride ON.
Tues 31 Dec: No Ride.
Wed 1 Jan: No Ride.
Thurs 2 Jan: Both Rides ON.
Sat 4 Jan: Both Rides ON.
Please note: The shop will be closed from 25 Dec to 5 Jan, except for the above mentioned rides.

Public Group-Ride (Open) Schedule:
Tuesday 6:00pm-7:00pm – High Intensity Interval Training
Thursday 5:00pm-6:00pm – High Intensity Interval Training
Saturday 9:45am-11:00am – Endurance Interval Training
Monday to Friday 12:00pm-5:00pm – Zwift/Smart-Trainer Hour(s) by appointment. (Join on Zwift/Strava)

Club Ride (Closed) Schedule:
Monday 6:00-7:15pm – Edge Triathlon Training
Wednesday 6:00-7:15pm – Edge Triathlon Training
Thursday 6:30pm-8:00pm – Tryforce Training
Saturday 8:00pm-9:15am – Edge Triathlon Training

$125/10 sessions
$80/month membership. Our recommended plan. Your membership includes unlimited rides in our open classes. Plus, ride any time during open hours. Bonus: use of available Treadmills, TRX, and Smart Trainers.

Ride and Training Options:

High Intensity Interval Training
These classes are made up of intervals ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes to help build anaerobic capacity and explosive power. Recovery periods during these classes are paramount to help you work at your highest effort level. As we progress through the off-season our intervals will become longer to continue building these energy systems.

Endurance Interval Training
These classes will be interval-based and designed to help increase aerobic threshold. Intervals will between 2-10 minutes with sustained efforts around 75% RPE. As the off-season progress these classes will increase in length and continue to challenge the targeted systems.

Smart-Train on Zwift
Ride with us online using the Zwift .

Daily Open Rides
Trying to get a ride in, but can’t make our scheduled rides? Our Standard-trainers and Smart-trainers are available for use, Monday to Friday. Tell us when you want to ride and we will get you set-up.

We hope you will join us!

More info: Facebook Group Rides Page.




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10 Sessions







Ride Niagara’s Roads & Trails!

Join us for a Group Ride.


Outdoor Group Rides!

Liberty! Bicycles hosts group-rides in the Spring and Summer. Rides are meant to be inclusive, and are offered to novice, intermediate, and advanced-intermediate cyclists. We collaborate with local cycling and triathlon clubs in the area including (but not limited to) the Short Hills Cycling Club, the St.Catharines Cycling Club, Amici Per La Vita CC, Edge Triathlon, and TryForce. We encourage participation. Rides happen in-season, when the weather and trail conditions are favourable. We hope you will join us!

Join the Liberty! Bicycles STRAVA Club to track your rides and create a record of your most memorable moments. It’s free and fun, and… addictive. (Sorry!)

Also, join our Facebook Rides Page to follow and chat about our group rides.

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We ride all year round, check out our schedule and join us!

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