Kona Rove NRB DL

Gravel bikes: They are popular. The Kona Rove NRB DL is a little different than most, thanks to its unique geometry and its 650 wheels and comfy 47c tires. We love the colour, too. So sweet! Visually it’s just right: the tube size and shape, the wheels, the slope of the top-tube. It hits all the marks; and let’s not forget the price: CAD$2899. That’s with an Ultegra RX part-spec. An affordable all-purpose bike for any adventure, near or far. Ride all day with a smile that never goes away. So much fun! More details on Kona’s site.

Specialized Vado Electric Assist

Electric Assist bikes have arrived and have changed how (and how far) you ride. They really are incredibly fun. They have become life-changers for some people. The Specialized Vado, like the one pictured here, is great for getting around town, riding for pleasure, or for keeping up with road-racers. They let you ride faster, and further, and with less exertion. Prices start at CAD$3899. They are available in step-through, and regular cross-bar frames. Come into the shop and try one; you will become a believer. They are amazing. Liberty! Bicycles carries off-road (Levo) and hybrid (Vado, Como) versions of Electric Assist Specialized Bikes.


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