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21 May 2024:
It’s time to ride! Well, every day is the time to ride. No matter how you do it, cycling is the best. The weather is here, the roads and trails are here; it’s just up to you to get out there.
Remember: Almost ALL our bikes are ON SALE! Others have been price-reduced! There has never been a better time to buy a bike. We have bikes for cruising, fitness, hauling groceries, or just looking cool. Check out our stock online, or drop by the shop for a look. Talk to us; We can help you find the bike of your dreams!
Need a tune-up or bike service? Our amazing technicians are standing by. Drop by the shop with your bike or call us to arrange a reservation or a pick-up.

Ride for Change

Bicycles are transformational. They make us happier and healthier. Every cyclist knows how good we feel after a ride… both mentally and physically. It is also true that bicycles can help transform society itself if we integrate them into our transportation network. Peering through today’s heat, smoke, and pollution, what is clearer than ever is that we need to stop burning gas and oil if we want our children to have a safe and healthy future. The situation is dire. It demands our action. All of us should be reducing our use of oil and gas, turning-off our engines, and riding, walking, and taking transit more. We should be pushing for bike lanes on every road, and reducing speed limits in our cities. This is us, your friends at L!B, asking everyone to make cycling a priority in their lives. Make change happen. Make your city cycling-friendly. Watch the air clear, and the planet heal. Do it for you and your family.

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