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14 August 2022:
Help wanted: We are hiring sales-people and bike mechanics.
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Shopping for a new bike? Things are different than back in 2019. If you have not been into a bike shop in the last couple of years you may not realize that some bikes are difficult to get. The post-pandemic industry is still recovering from factory shut-downs and supply-related issues. Our website shows what we have available at any given time.
Service notice: For general repairs we are currently prioritizing service work on bicycles that were purchased from Liberty! Bicycles.
COVID: We are no longer requesting the use of masks in the shop, but respect your personal health and safety choices.

Shopping for Bicycles?

The COVID crisis has affected all our lives, but it has also created a supply shortage of bicycles and bike-parts. Although some bikes are trickling into stock, many models are scarce or non-existent. It may be difficult to find exactly what you want in 2022. If you are looking for a certain bike you may need to wait a while. Be open to alternatives.
Right now, our website shows which bikes are “in stock” for immediate purchase. There are not many. New bikes will arrive in the months ahead, but there will be shortages and we are unable to take orders. Keep checking our site for the latest arrivals. If you have questions please contact us either by phone (905-682-1454) or by email ( or just use the contact link on the site. You can use our biometric tool to help size yourself for your new bike. Reach out if you need assistance. We hope this information helps guide your purchases.

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