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Sizing. Positioning. Fitting.

Done correctly, these elements equate to more comfort, better performance, and a more enjoyable ride. And, that is what we endeavour to provide at Liberty! Bicycles. It is what sets us apart. Our customers deserve the best possible experience whether they are riding around the block, or around the race-course.

Why do we do it?

Women or men, young or not-so-young, we are all different. Consequently, our bikes need to be set-up for our specific needs and requirements. We help adjust your bike so it suits you and feels great to ride.

How do we do it?

Our approach is different. We like to sell bikes based on your style AND your body’s proportions and flexibility. So, we help narrow the focus to find just the right fit. There is a lot of choice, but we make it easy to find the bike of your dreams.

We are qualified.

The staff at Liberty! Bicycles have years of experience in positioning and bike fitting. From novices to pro-level athletes, we have helped cyclists improve their comfort and performance on their bicycles. Our training includes the Specialized Body Geometry Fit method, developed in part by Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Bolder Center for Sports Medicine. The method is based on the assessment of skeletal structure and musculature to provide fit direction. Because we are all different, so too are our individual fits.
All our bikes come with our sizing and positioning expertise. Fitting is a separate procedure and is done by appointment.

Biometric Tool

Follow this guided process to have measurements sent to your e-mail.

When you come in for a fitting, print the e-mail or bring your smartphone.

  • Measure Your Height

    • Take your shoes off.
    • Stand straight with your back against a wall.
    • Use a pencil and mark the wall at the top of your head. (Do it twice to make sure you did it correctly.)
    • Measure from the ground to the pencil mark. Voila!
  • Measure Your Weight

    • Step on a scale and weigh yourself in pounds (lbs.)
    • If your weight is over or under our suggested limits we recommend that you call us or come into the shop for a personal bike set-up. There is no extra charge when you deal with us directly.
  • Measure Your Inseam

    • Take your shoes off.
    • Stand with your back against a wall and your feet about 15cm (or 6") apart.
    • In between your legs, pull a large hard-covered book up the wall and as tight against your crotch as it would be if it were a bike saddle.
    • Measure from the ground to the top edge of the book in cm. That's your inseam! (But, to be sure, do it a couple times just to get it right.)
    • If your inseam is over or under our suggested limits we recommend that you call us or come into the shop for a personal bike set-up. There is no extra charge when you deal with us directly.
  • Measure Your Forearm

    • Make a fist, put your elbow on a table, and hold your arm upright.
    • Measure from the table surface to the top of your knuckles in cm.
    • That's your forearm measurement!
  • Measure Your Tibia

    • Take your shoes off.
    • Sit down on a firm chair, with your feet flat on the ground.
    • Measure vertically from the floor to the top of your knee-cap. (That's the bone on the front of your knee. Measure to the top of that boney part.)
    • Measure both your left and right legs and take the average in cm.
  • Measure Your Flexibility

    • Take off your shoes.
    • Stand with your legs locked and your feet about 15cm (or 6") apart.
    • Bend over at the waist and see how far your hands reach toward the floor. (Don't force yourself; it's not a competition.)
    • Rate your flexibility on our scale: If your finger-tips can reach your knee-caps that's a 1. If you can put your palms flat on the floor that's a 5. If you are in between, choose the lower number.
    • 1 - Kneecaps
    • 2 - Shins
    • 3 - Ankles
    • 4 - Toes
    • 5 - Palms flat
    Confirm & Finish

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